04 May 2021

Full Council meeting: April 27th 2021

 You might find the following of interest?

  • Animal Management Plan for Endorsement: this caused some debate as a clause included a trial of on-leash dogs at Unley Oval was suggested. After three deputations and a long debate the controversial clause was excluded from the motion.  
  •  KWR/ Greenhill Rd  Bikeway: The option accepted was the one that best separated cars from bikes.
  • Annual Business Plan for Public Consultation: This suggested a rate rise of 2.25%. Unley balances the increase in your house's value with the desired rate increase. To do this the rate in the dollar is lowered to get the rise desired. Your rate only go up in excess of this if your house value has increased to a greater extent than others. This usually happens after you have renovated or extended your house.
  • Commuter Parking: This motion asked council staff to look for further opportunities to limit commuter parking.
  • Strategic Property Committee Minutes (CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Edmund Ave Cottages Lease (CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Brown Hill Creek Land Acquisition (CONFIDENTIAL)

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