23 May 2021

Full Council meeting: May 24th 2021

 You might find the following of interest;

  • Trader Association Quarterly Reports: The associations have remained busy of this last financial year as they have strived to get people to enjoy the shopping experience that each main street offers.
  • Community Grants: Allocation of Funds: Money has been allocated to Vishva Hindu Parishad for  a lunch program at CPCC, Clarence Park Kindy will get a new bike track, Forestville Hockey Club for school clinics, Millswood Bowls for new seating, plus others not in CP Ward
  • Living Well Plan: This has been to consultation and few  minor changes were made.
  • Cultural Plan 2021-26:This has been to consultation  but no changes were suggested. There were, however, some good ideas to include in the implementation phase.
  • Review of Conservation Grants Policy: This one has me really annoyed as the report suggests that all contributory items in what were Heritage Conservation Zones should no longer be eligible for conservation works. I also think that the order of application will cause many more projects be put off. Even with Council's pleas to conserve significant trees there no additional funds have been allocated. the suggested $50,000 is, in my opinion totally inadequate.
  • Future Economic Development Growth Strategy: Council will discuss that this committee should be disbanded?
  • Chief Executive Officer Review Panel:

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