29 May 2021

Is your street being swept often enough?



I have been told many times that streets are not being swept often enough or sometimes not swept at all. This seems to be during heavy leaf fall in autumn and during really hot weather from bark shedding. A recent petition delivered to Council  from residents in Andrew Ave indicated that they were not happy with the level of service even though their street was being swept every 3 weeks. The usual rate of service is 6 weekly which for most streets is adequate most of the time.

This does not cover footpath sweeping as well. It used to be that home owners swept up these leaves/debris but now see this as Council's role as well. Just sweeping the leaves into the gutter when the street sweeper is due is fairly effective.


  1. How do we know when the street sweeper is due?

  2. Generally you don't. The trial to let people know the day before proved problematic.