15 May 2011

City Strategy 16th May 2011

Hope you have all received the newsletter. A joint one with my co-councillor, Don Palmer.
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Whats in the Agenda? http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/CSP_Agenda_May_2011.pdf

  • Continuing support for Urban Myth: Theatre of Youth. Urban Myth are looking for a new home as they have outgrown their site on the Village Green. Council will continue to support this organisation because of it's value in involving young people in our community.

  • Final approval for a pocket park in Lindsay Ave, Myrtle Bank.
  • This will look great when it is finished, go and have a look one day when you have time and then again in 6 months time when it has been completed. All affected houses were in support.Limiting the number of participants in the Solar Easy programme to 200. So far Council has only 180 expressions of interest, so if you were meaning to do this late applications may be accepted.

  • A review of some policies including the Community Engagement Policy. This was a considerable debate as Councillors believed that both the Elected Members Code of Conduct and the Media Policy needed more work. The Media Policy came under severe criticism as it had clauses that appeared to be intended to gag Councillors from talking to the press. the Community Engagement Policy must now be publicly consuled as required by law.

  • A review of the campaign against illegally dumped rubbish. Interestingly the amount of dumped rubbish has been reduced by 45%. This has still cost over $30,000, money that could well be spent on other things if people did the right thing and booked a pick up with the Council and put their rubbish out on the given day. Contrary to popular belief most rubbish is dumped in front of single family dwellings .

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