03 May 2011

Update May 2011

Walk lights on Goodwood Road activated at last, a safe pedestrian crossing near Victoria street allowing for safe passage across the road near St. Thomas' School, Kirkholme and the Capri Theatre. The picture shows the Mayor celebrating with Cr Salaman. I had to be at work at the time they were activated.

Solar Easy is a joint Council initiative, it's aim is to facilitate a bulk purchasing scheme for solar systems.. Council is currently seeking registrations from households and businesses to participate in this programme. Registrations should be emailed to mark@sustainabledirections.com.au or call 0459764675. More information is available on Council website at http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=773&c=17984. We installed panels in December 2009 and our total electricity bill for 2010 was about $250.

Storm water management; Mitcham Council has at last signed back into the project and after stalling for 3 years this project is now moving forward. The site given will take you directly to the Council website; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=773&c=17980.
If you would like some facts on flooding you might also find this interesting;
Upon request detailed floodplain modelling maps can be provided to residents which can drill down to show the actual risk of the property to a flooding event.

Depot review; Council is undertaking a review into the services provided by the depot. I am particularly interested in knowing what your views are on what happens when you make a request. Is it seen to quickly enough? Do staff get back to you to explain why delay is occurring or if your request is unfunded or not seen as a priority?

Newsletter out this week, Don and I have been working on the May newsletter, we have decided to put out a joint publication. For those of you who read my blog you may find nothing new, however, I would encourage you all to let others know about the blog and to give me their email addresses so I can let them know when I update the site.

This is form the Eastern Courier, their report on the recent motion on Orphanage Park;

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