28 April 2011

Couuncil meeting April 28th 2011

An update from this months meeting;

  • Orphanage Park was again discussed at my request. I had a fruitful meeting with a resident and with staff. This will see the $50,000 that we already have in funding to be used for further minor upgrading such as removal of desert Ash suckers in the creek bed, removal of dead branches from some trees, some changes to the play area to reduce localised flooding and replacement of some fencing. We will also investigate the development for a Community Land Management Plan to be written in 2012/13. No further work will be done on the lay back of the creek or the works proposed for the northern creek area in the foreseeable future.

  • The third quarter budget review saw an increase of $205,00 in this years financial liabilities.

  • We are trying to establish, with other Councils, a firm commitment from the Federal government regarding ongoing local roads funding.

  • Culvert street in Parkside will become a one way street (at the entrance) to allow for a pedestrian crossing in that location, this will be completed as part of the Glen Osmond Creek works.

  • We also discussed a motion put my Michael Hewitson to ask staff to find further savings in the budget. This motion was defeated, not because this isn't a good idea but because the savings identified would see a minor rate reduction rather than expenditure on other projects that our Community is demanding of us.

The Mayor has decided that the Sturt Football Club players will be wearing jumpers emblazoned with the City of Unley logo this year. This will be at a cost of $2,000. I am concerned at the precedent that this may set for other clubs also asking for sponsorship. This was not a decision made by Council.


  1. What authority did the Mayor have to make the decision that he did regarding the Sturt Football CLub jumpers as i would have thought that any cost to the ratepayers should only be suthorised by Full Council. I agree with you that its setting a dangerous precedent as how can Council argue against any other club coming forward with a similiar request. Was the Mayor asked to explain why he took it upon himself to fork out of ratepayers pockets $ 2000 towards Sturt Football Club because to be seen honouring an election promise. Chris

  2. I applaud the mayors decision to sponsor the Sturt Football Club. As a ratepayer in the city of Unley I see the role of council to be to appropriately allocate the financial resources of council (i.e. the ratepayers money) in ways which enhance the local community. I can think of little better (or more cost effective) way of developing community spirit, and a sense of pride and identity with the local area, whilst assisting what is still essentially an amateur local sporting club. It is a shame that members of the community should speak out in such a divisive fashion against what should be viewed simply as decisive leadership. Shane

  3. Great thing for the Unley Council to get behind the most high profile sporting organisation in the area. Tremendous way to promote community spirit. Hooray for a forward thinking young Mayor.