18 April 2011

City Strategy Committee April 18th

This month we made interim decisions about each of the following:

  • Once again McLeay Park was on the agenda, I was disturbed at the precedent that dividing a park with a fence would have regarding the mix of dogs and children. Council voted this time for the original concept but added a clause to investigate park use as early as 5 am and the disturbance this is causing to neighbours.

  • The Strategic Building Review is bubbling along quite well, but has been the cause of many minor projects being put on hold. On of the major outcomes from this will be sale of land that Council no longer needs; one of these sites is likely to be 41 Oxford Tce, Unley,commonly known as Jack's Bar. Councillors on the reference committee are Sangster, Salaman and Clyne.

  • The Orphanage Park redevelopment is to be deferred indefinitely. I have asked that this be again discussed at Council as the decision made means Council would have to return $50,000 of funding it has already received. The creek still looks to me as though this money could be well spent on stabilizing the creek banks without changing the current 'look' of the creek.

  • The Keswick Barracks and Surrounds Urban Design Framework was endorsed. This will allow Council to negotiate with other levels of government should the Army decide to sell their portion of the site. This would allow the area to be developed as a Transport Oriented Development (TOD), putting less pressure on other areas of the City.

  • City wide pocket park locations were discussed. Given that Goodwood South has one being developed (Kelvin Ave) we do not have a site in this year's budget. However, potential sites high on the list are the southern end of Eglington St and Merlon St.

  • The list of Local Heritage Places that we sent to the Minister for his endorsement has come back for us to reconsider. This was discussed under Confidentiality.

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  1. To not spend $50,000 already funded, on minor projects within the Orphanage Park, would be a lost opportunity. Planting a few more significant trees (away from residences) would also be an opportunity to create something for the future.