06 April 2011

Update on Goodwood South : 6th April 2011

These are the local events that are happening;

  • Millswood Lawns Croquet Club will be hosting an international competition in April 2012. They are hoping to get their veranda replaced before then.

  • The new Goodwood Oval Advisory Committee has been elected. I will publish the names and contact details of those individuals elected next week.

  • The sleepers are being replaced with large stones on the north-east corner of Goodwood Oval.

  • The walk lights on Goodwood Rd are now to be updated early in April, it's beyond my understanding as to how this can take so long. It seems to Council works were done earlier than expected and ETSA is taking its' time

  • The budget documents are out for public consultation. It really is important to have your say on the way you would like your rates to be spent. The public meeting will be April 28th, you can write to the Council or join the online panel on the Council website. I would appreciate comments about footpath replacement acceleration and more funding for heritage initiatives.http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=773&c=17786

  • The location of a pedestrian refuge near the corner of Dunrobin St and East Avenue will come to the next Road Safety meeting.

  • Staff are investigating the removal of the no left and right hand turns into Laught St, Dunrobin St, Forrest Ave, Fairfax St and Chelmsford Ave.

  • Don Palmer and I attended the distribution of the football jumpers to the junior players on 1st April. This was a very pleasant evening for all who attended.

  • The building of the new toilets for Page Park have been put to tender.

  • The mini pocket park is completed in Fielding St. We are still waiting for approval to start the much larger park, including a road closure in Kelvin Ave (eastern end).

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  1. Congratulations on the Pocket Park. Hope that Unley Council will continue to develop more and plant trees that will grow to a significant size.