24 April 2011

What the Mayor said

I have successfully had the matter between myself and Mayor Clyne released from being covered by confidential provisions. Take the time to read the agenda and minutes including in full what sue Vardon wrote in her report by clicking the link below.

http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Item_99_Council_Feb_2011_Confidentiality_Order_Removed.pdf http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Minutes_Item_99_February_2011.pdf

Read what the Unley Herald had to say at

It was very disappointing for Lachlan to start his term in office in this manner and I have been vindicated in this report as having done nothing to invoke or deserve the attack.

This letter was published in the Messenger 17the may 2011

Messy business
THE Local Government Governance
Panel investigation report of
February 9, 2011, has now been
released from confidentiality and
finds that the conduct of Unley
Mayor Lachlan Clyne amounted
to a breach of the council's Code
of Conduct.
It recommended that accordingly
he should make an unqualified
public statement of apology
to Councillor Boisvert as she has
However, Cr Boisvert has not
received such a public apology as,
despite the panel's clear findings
and recommendations, Unley
Council, on February 28, merely
determined that Mayor Clyne
make an apology to Cr Boisvert
in the presence of a majority of
elected members for a technical
breach of code of conduct clause
2(1) of the Elected Members' Code
of Conduct.
I understand such lesser apology
has recently been given but I
am personally disappointed that
Unley Council did not act in accordance
with the recommendations
of the panel it engaged to
resolve the matter.
Councillor Boisvert's Code of
Conduct complaint has now been
both justified and proven and she
was therefore entitled to have the
council determine in favour of an
unqualified public apology as recommended
by the independent
professional LGG Panel.
This has been an unnecessary
It would have been preferable
and less divisive if this matter
was speedily resolved in December
2010 by a simple and prompt
Mayoral public apology as requested
by the aggrieved councillor.
Former Unley Mayor


  1. It is interesting to note in quotes from emails in the Vardon Report that the mayor did not know how to spell Councillor Boisvert's Christian name correctly - even after 4 years of serving with her on council. Tut Tut

  2. For anyone wanting a quick and accurate interpretation of the Vardon Report - read the Unley Herald. Well done Unley Herald!

  3. I have had a comment regarding this that I did not publish. It is possible to be both hard working for the Community and not think that the Mayor's bevavior was acceptable. I don't believe that anybody should be subject to his behavior. I insisted on transperancy in this so that all residents could judge for themselves.