19 April 2011

Concerns 19th April 2011

I would really like some feedback on the following issues. Can you add as a comment on the website or email to me and I will publish them as part of the blog.

  • Speeding on East Avenue; this has been in the news this week as part of the Leah St bridge replacement. To this date I have only had 2 requests (in 4 years), both called for better policing and there has been a greater police presence. I am also aware that residents rejected the option for roundabouts about 20 years ago. Is there a problem and what is the problem? Do you have any ideas about reducing speed and traffic volume if either is a concern? This is particularly pertinent as Kylie's Bakery on the corner of East and Aroha was hit by a truck last weekend.

  • Are the signs on Goodwood Oval clear about when it can or can not be used for organised sport, passive recreation and dog use both on and off leash?

  • Is gaffiti a problem, where is it mostly occurring and how long does it take to get removed when you ask Council directly or you work through your ward Councillor? Saw this wonderful wall art being painted on Sugar and Spice. This will look so much better than the constant graffiti attacks-well done Heath and Amanda!!

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  1. Hello Jennie,
    My compliments on your energetic involvement in local government.
    "Staff are investigating the removal of the no left and right hand turns into Laught St, Dunrobin St, Forrest Ave, Fairfax St and Chelmsford Ave."

    As an owner of property near the Goodwood Oval and a motorist, I cannot see any justification for the needs of people who live outside the Unley Council area to impose restrictions on access in my residential area.

    If there are problems, it is the responsibility of state government rather than the local government council to provide motorists appropriate access to the city.

    Owing to the narrowness of Aroha Tce near the tram crossing and Leah St, neither are appropriate for arterial traffic. The recent accident near the crossing and countless broken rear vision mirrors on cars parked in Leah St prove this point. Until the state government offers a permanent alternative means of access to the city, traffic should be diverted to Goodwood Rd along Victoria St.
    The ongoing closure of Leah St for repairs further underscores this point; local residents are deprived of their bus services. The provision of a commuter bus by Unley Council is not a substitute for regular bus services.

    The argument that Victoria St is not suitable for a bus route is not borne out in practice; every day heavy vehicles (including council trucks) are to be seen using it.