30 April 2015

Full Council meeting; 27th April 2015

This month's agenda was about the size of the yellow pages. Regardless the meeting was focused and the debate interesting.
  • Report from the Development Strategy and Policy Committee: this committee recommended to council that the recently consulted Development Plan Amendment should be forwarded to the Minister for approval with minor changes east of East Ave/tram and Goodwood Rd. The DPA for Black Forest and Clarence Park will be redrafted and reconsulted later this year in line with what the consultation feedback. PASSED
  • Forestville and Everard Park Local Area Traffic Management: three options have been developed and council must decide which ones will be consulted and the area of consultation. Unfortunately there seems to be no overall coating for each option. Council decided that all, with minor modifications would go out to consultation. The consultation area will only be Everard Park and Forestville. I'll let people know when the consultation begins. PASSED
  • Sale of land in Dover St, Malvern: this is a narrow strip of land, but despite a motion that recommends the sale of the land to the adjoining landowner I will not be supporting it. In my opinion this land could be effectively landscaped to be attractive and the land should be retained in the public realm.PASSED
  • Brown Hill and Keswick Creek Community Consultation on Part B of the works:  the information that o go to consultation will have one option as preferred. I'm not sure who it is preferred by but I do know that any consultation is flawed if we tell people what we want and then ask for their opinion rather than listing and explaining a range of options and asking people to choose which option they prefer. All creek owners will be mailed consultation material individually, other interested residents will have to obtain information packs and reply through that means. I tried hard to get the preferencing of one  removed form the consultation, after a tied vote the Mayor sided with the recommended motion and this will not happen. I was very disappointed that the Unley Park councillors did not support my motion. PASSED
  • Goodwood Oval Grandstand Naming-The Colin Nelson Stand: this was news to me when I read the agenda. It is normal practice for these types of matters to be discussed with both ward councillors prior to appearing in the agenda. I have no problem with the naming, only the process.PASSED
  • Goodwood Oval and  Millswood Sporting Complex-Staged Implementation Plan: this report recommends that Council proceeds to design work on the bowls and croquet areas at Millswood in the first instance.PASSED
  • Review of by-Laws: this report recommends that Council endorse the altered by-laws  for community consultation.PASSED
  • 2015-16 Draft Annual Business Plan for Consultation; This is the budget , it is worth a read. Rates increase is proposed at 4.1%. PASSED
  • Questions on Notice regarding Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones)from Cr Palmer and regarding Independent Committee Membership Applications
  • Determination of Event Contract: CONFIDENTIAL
  • Audit and Governance Committee Independent  Member Appointments: CONFIDENTIAL

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