17 April 2015

Update:Ward briefing: April 16th 2015

Don and I meet every two months with staff for an update on the current projects in the ward. Sometimes we stray a little outside the boundaries. This week the following were discussed:

  • The proposed curb extensions (in East Ave) to enhance pedestrian safety will be installed before the end of June, there were only two objections to the proposal.
  • DPTI are yet to confirm their intentions for South Rd and the proposed changes to Byron Rd are still in abeyance. Hopefully, they will soon admit they have no money now or in the foreseeable future for this work and Byron Rd changes can be implemented.
  • Don and I will put a Motion to Notice to Council regarding both the necessity to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists using the Greenway shared use path and to try to get some assurance from DPTI that they will upgrade and fence the dog track that links Millswood Cres and Arundel Ave to  Millswood Station.
  • The final trees that need to be planted in Canterbury Tce should be done in Before June (western end).
  • Footpaths likely to be included in the 2015/16 budget are Cowper Rd, Kelvin Ave andHacket Ave. The other 9 that remain to be done will be completed in the final 2 years of the accelerated programme.
  • Linemarking  and greening the bike lanes should follow the completion of the now resurfaced East Ave within two weeks. This will also include the missing green paint on the crossing just north of the rail line.
  • Missing linemarking at the corner of Lonsdale and Arundel should also be completed.
  • In Ormonde Ave over half the residents responded to the treescape proposal. Council will now remove the 14 dead and dying tress (to be marked with a white dot). These will be replaced with the existing species.
  • Planting will also be undertaken in the pocket of land off the walkway between Victoria St and Cranbrook Ave. Species chosen will be similar to those that are doing well in Devon St. However, it will also include two trees that have the potential to become significant (angophora).

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