08 June 2015

Brown Hill Creek Consultation

With a Dam nothing will change here!
Time is running out on having your say on the issue of a dam or no dam in Brown Hill Creek. Members of the public have until the 23rd June to make their submission. There seems to be lot of no dam information circulated in the community, much of it relies on the myth that the creek in the Brown Hill Creek Conservation Park will be damaged in some way be the construction of a dam. For most users they will never go enough distance into the Park for it to be visible, if constructed. Nor will it alter the day to day flow or ambience of the creek. However, not building a dam will destroy the creek scape for most of it's journey through Unley and will result in the removal of 100's of trees. I quote from a recent email I received
With No Dam there will be more of this

"we have four generations living locally, interstate and oversea who stretched their legs and imagination..." if you don't live locally why would you expect to have a voice?
"to hear the gurgling creek and chattering birdlife....You'll still be able to!
If you feel, as I do, that a dam is the best, and almost certainly, will be the cheapest then take the time to click on the link below to get a feedback form.
The outcomes of the community consultation process will be reported to the five catchment councils. Each council will then determine its position and a final recommendation on Part B works will be made to the State Government’s Stormwater Management Authority.
For more information about the project click here or request a feedback form or call 1800 468 835.

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