28 June 2015

Threats made over the library petition

I was shocked last week when given a copy of a flier apparently widely distributed in the Goodwood area. This letter claims that those who signed a recent petition were bullied into doing so. It is very unkind to Mary, the chief petitioner, and shows little or no respect for her  view that the Goodwood library needs no changes. What Council has proposed is a review into library facilities, including investigating building a new, central library. (a motion only I did not support). The  author of the flier hid behind failing to put their name to the views that they hold. At the same time they get stuck into Bob Schnell, Les Birch, Mike Hudson, Step Key and myself. From my point of view I have had no public image in Mary's campaign and my understanding is that neither did Bob. The author is clearly a coward who should be ignored. Many local shops and residents have merely reconfirmed their own views and despise the views on the new flier and it's perpetrators. It is my understanding that the matter is now with the police. Unfortunately,  it reeks of other grubby campaigns in the past. All so unnecessary, it is often said that silence can win an argument as well as debate.

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  1. I remember some grubby mis-information that was distributed in the past - again involving Unley Council, or candidates.
    This latest one is low down and nasty.