28 June 2015

Trees in BrownHill Creek, Forestville

Was good to see the article in both the Eastern Courier and Advertiser this week regarding the Brown Hill Creek consultation. This close on the 23rd and the Stormwater Management Authority will collate the results. There seems to have been a plethora of information from opposing sides in the media and in endless meeting. So much of the information was simply untrue. What I hope now will be that the creek owners will be considered as 50% of the debate and everyone else the other 50%. The owners will face a daunting future as works begin in either clearing or widening and deepening. I understand their fear. If  this will be evident in the feedback is yet to be seen. I fear for many of Unley's trees along with the two women in the story. While I have been assured that the trees can be saved are not threatened I am reminded of the same advice given so many times by DPTI during the Goodwood Junction development. Then many more trees were not only threatened but removed after careless contractors were either given poor advice or couldn't have given a dam!

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