21 June 2015

Full Council Meeting; June 22nd 2015

This meeting includes discussion around the following items:

  • Audit and Governance Committee: This is pretty straight forward other than the committee making a direct and unfunded request to Council  for a Service and Organisation Review to be undertaken. While this may be necessary the money to do this needs to be budgeted for. Savings will need to be identified in the first budget review for this to be undertaken.
  • Community and Culture Committee: This merely asks that the work done so far on the Youth Strategy is received and that further work needs to be completed before Council is in a position to make a decision on it.
  • Outdoor Dining Review: This outlines the changes identified to make Outdoor Dining safer following the accident at A Mother's Milk on Unley Rd. In my opinion it is deficient in that it fails to state that Council's preferred position is that all outdoor dining be smoke free.
  • Community Event Sponsorship: This outlines a new strategy of funding that is certainly worth trialling.
  • Community Survey: I was taken aback a little on reading the results in that 75% of what people value about Unley is it's location and closeness to the city. These are two items that are totally outside of Council's control and leaves as little as 25% of things that it can work on! Nevertheless, it seems most people surveyed were pretty happy with the service that they get.
  • Draft Active Ageing Strategy; This will be endorsed for Community Consultation, it has plenty of new and innovated ideas for older people to retain active engagement.
  • Review of Fees and Charges; These are going up between 1% and 3%
  • 2015/16 Annual Business Plan: This has now been to consultation. changes include a recommended rate increase of 3.5% (down for an expected 4.1%)
  • Review of Code of Practice for Procedures at Meetings; It's not the code that causes issues its councillors not knowing what the rules are even after having been on Council for years. I would still like to see the time allowed for Councillors to speak to be a maximum of 5 minutes, there is very little said, after the elapse of this time, that is not either waffling or grandstanding. I have never need and extension of time and have never voted for anyone else to get one. Sometimes this adds 30 minutes to an hour to a meeting and means we are making decisions late at night when it would otherwise have been unnecessary. 
  • Motion on Notice re Goodwood Library; This is an attempt by Cr SmOlucha to appease the recent petitioners regarding Council's attended use of the library.
  • Centennial park Authority Proposal CONFIDENTIAL

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