25 September 2016

Full Council meeting: Mon 26th Sept 2016

Items on the Agenda include:
  • Local Heritage Reform Discussion Paper: I have written a separate blog on this. Council will discuss the content of Unley's response and how the proposed changes will affect the protection of heritage in the City of Unley. While some recommendations should be commended others  are pretty scary especially for heritage areas rather than individual items.
  • SRF Licensing and Immunisation: This calls for Unley to take over the role of  SRF (Supported Residential Facilities) inspections that are currently outsourced but to retain the current structure for immunisation.
  • Memorials policy: This policy hopes to clarify what is and is not appropriate memeorials for people who are deceased. The Council supports putting names on seats, etc in parks but, while not wishing to offend people, don't wish to see for any extended period of time flowers at the scene of a tragic death on our streets.
  • Rescission Motion regarding Millswood Lawns: This is to clarify the position of the motion  passed two years ago to proceed with a particular plan. I'm not sure I will support this as going back on our word, and decision making, puts everyone in a  poor light and makes others feel that, despite a decision, they can always continue to try to undermine the decision. .
  • Buying Local: Cr Schnell is calling for a report on the impact to Council of Buying Local for both the Council and the Community.
  • Centennial Park Cemetery Authority-Business Case:CONFIDENTIAL
  • Brown Hill Keswick Creek Update : CONFIDENTIAL

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