18 September 2016

Honk if your council is acting like a goose

Great heading and I'm sure we've all had some great ideas that have ended nowhere.  This doesn't mean that the views should not be aired and debated. The reason the Council exits (The mayor and 12 councillors) is to have a look at the ideas and dismiss or endorse them as we see fit, from each other and the staff. That way we can sort out the good ones from the bad ones. In 1996, I had such an idea, the CEO told me that I'd be the goose; nevertheless I put my motion on notice, listened and participated in the debate, and the majority of Councillors agreed with me. What was the idea? To stop Councillors smoking inside the Council Chamber after each and every meeting! This started the ball rolling and now Council is smoke free. David Penberthy used his column this week to try to make us all look stupid, once again, instead of encouraging ideas and change.

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