18 September 2016

Full Council Meeting; Sept 12th 2016

The following items should be of interest;

This plan is unlikely to proceed.
  • Petition re Road closures, Goodwood: This was presented by the residents in Owen St and Angus street asking for Council not to proceed to the trial road closures
  • Millswood Sporting Complex Detailed Design; After well over an hour of debate this matter was Laid on the Table ( a difficult and tedious mechanism that should not have been supported; roughly translated as it all too hard, nobody can agree so we'll do nothing; but in this case it would mean that Council would proceed with the already agreed plan unless the matter is brought back to Council). There are 3 views on this matter;Bowls, now want to keep their existing greens (they had agreed to reduce their need to one), Croquet want to have a 4th lawn, Residents do not want to lose access to Millswood Park or the railway pedestrian crossing. And while we debate and consult the clubrooms of both clubs are substandard and there seems to be little desire to compromise on planning for a joint facility. This matter is unlikely, now, to be resolved quickly.  LAID ON THE TABLE
  • Hire of the Town Hall: This is an attempt to increase the use of the Town Hall by reducing the hiring costs for local and community groups to use.PASSED
  • Goodwood, Wayville and Unley Local Area Traffic Plan: The proposed plan included long overdue road closures in Hardy and Weller St (they were first proposed over 20 years ago, with closures in Fox and Boffa Sts as well). With over 4,000 letters being sent to residents and owners and less than 150 responses to not trial the closures, Council voted to abandon the trial. This short sightedness means we're likely to be back in 20 years time as the real problem won't have been dealt with (traffic not originating or finishing their journey in Goodwood). Without the closures most of the rest, in Goodwood, is merely window dressing.PASSED
  • Property Development Project : CONFIDENTIAL
  • Acquisition of Land; CONFIDENTIAL

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