04 September 2016

Millswood Lawns :where are we up to?

The Council meeting on the 12th September will be shown the most recent plan for the arrangement of the Bowling Greens and Croquet Lawns. You might remember that quite some time ago Council agreed to proceed to detailed design with a configuration of 4 lawns and 1.5 greens, both of the clubs were happy for Council to proceed on this basis. Then the Bowling Club came under new management and they decided they could not work with less than 2 greens! Council has been trying to meet their concerns and it seems there is nothing, at this time, that will keep both clubs happy at the same time. The latest configuration does achieve, to some extent, a compromise by moving the greens east and extending into the Millswood park area. The clubs will both make delegations next week to the meeting. Hopefully, we can proceed to full public consultation again with a choice of designs that the public can give their opinions on.

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