03 September 2017

Full Council meeting August 28th, 2017

The following items may be of interest:

  •  A further petition regarding Leicester Street park and dogs off leash
  • A further call to reduce the extent of Parking Controls in Goodwood
  • 2017/18 Community Event Sponsoring: this saw many worthwhile initiatives and some ongoing funding for events that are already up and running but need some monetary and/or in-kind support
  • Council Assessment Panel: this has been debated in the parliament and the Panel will continue to exist at Council level but with only one elected member. When you lodge a Development Application from Oct it will be assessed by the new, five member panel. The Minister is hoping this will result in fewer refusals, even though there have been hardly any, and more trees chopped down. Rufus Salaman will be the Council rep and I will stand in as his proxy.
  • Greening Verges: A great response from residents meant that the renewal (dolomite to loam) program was over prescribed. Council will add the extra dollars so that all applicants will be able to enjoy the benefits of a green verge. Each resident must plant, water and maintain their new verge at their own expense.
  • Integrated Transport Proposal; this has been a while coming and gives direction for the future. It does not dig deep to the day to day stuff.
  • Calls for members to nominate for various LGA representatives, including the Cat and Dog Management Board, The Local Government Finance Authority.
  • The adoption of the City of Unley Community Plan 2033 including a four year delivery plan: this has taken a lot of work and is generally satisfactory. However, some of the language used, in my opinion, is pompous and unnecessary. It was passed without my support
  • Motion from Cr Salaman asking that Council write to John Rau and tell him how much residents and Council dislike his Spot Rezoning. On my suggestion we will also try to meet with him to tell him what we really think

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