05 August 2019

Accountability, transparency, cutting red tape, improved conduct

Suggested Local Government reform includes the above headings. While some reforms are overdue many of the suggestions (from those printed in the paper) should not be enacted. The paper is currently open for public comment at www.yoursay.sa.gov.au . Here's my summary:

  • Crack down on poor behaviour but dealt with at Council level
  • Fewer Councillors in some Councils: Unley might be well served with 9 members (3 per each of three wards)
  • On line voting
  • Compulsory voting
  • Landlords automatically on roll


  • Independent review of CEO salaries
  • Local Government Commissioner
  • Longer term for Lord Mayors
  • Mayors given a vote on all matters: does this mean an ordinary and deliberative vote? While accountability would be good to votes are not OK
Please take the time to read the report and make your comments, I will be

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