31 August 2019

Local Area Traffic Management Plan: Clarence Park

Image result for Clarence Park LATMThe outcomes for this piece of work will be discussed by Councillors at a briefing on Monday 2nd Sept at 6:30pm. This will be open to the public. While you might not be able to participate knowing what Councillors are thinking will give many of your chance to continue to lobby for what you want or don't want as the case may be. The matter will be debated at the Council meeting on Sept 23rd soon after 7pm. Anyone can ask to make a deputation and it is good to let us know if you love or hate what is proposed. There were over 400 responses to the recently consulted change options. It is my understanding that doing nothing may be preferred by most, excepting additional slowing of traffic on Mills St and the reversal of the right of way at Lorraine and Ripon.

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