24 August 2019

Making the Unley website easier to use

Creating a good website experience starts with our customers. We are seeking feedback from users of our website (or indeed all government websites) to help us understand how people use our website and where they expect to find our information.
To find out about the activities we are running and how you can be involved, visit our Website Research page.
If you prefer to interact with the Council in person, please contact pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au with your thoughts.

1. How much commitment will you need from me?
As you will see in the Website Research page you can choose to take part in up to 3 activities.
Activity 1 is a workshop here at the Unley Civic Centre for 1-2 hours in early September - the date and time of this session will be provided to selected applicants.
Activities 2 and 3 can be conducted remotely whenever suits and will take between 10 & 20 minutes to complete.
NOTE - Activity 2 is an online version of Activity 1– there is a notification about this when registering.
2. Can I be anonymous?
An external company which specialises in website UX design has been engaged to conduct this work to ensure impartiality. The in-person activity is in a group setting and is therefore not private. For the online activities, you can choose not to provide your name when signing up, however we will need your email address and will ask some high-level questions during registration to learn more about you.
3. Will I be paid for my time?
We are currently not offering remunerations for participation in these activities. Those who take part in on-site research will be provided with refreshments on the day.
4. When will I find out the results of my contribution?
These research activities will contribute to wider research around website use and customer needs. We will keep your details on file and let you know when the new website is launched and provide opportunities for on-going feedback in the future

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