24 August 2019

Council behaving badly?

Or are they?
Today's paper lists a multitude of concerns about Council/Councillor behaviour. These include: dumping  Xmas carols, gag orders, the purchase of a piano, Councillor spats, fake grass, removing a dated picture of the queen and the length of weeds on verges. Each one of these had made it into the paper in recent weeks. I wonder if they were really worth reporting beyond the local level? At all times Council must consider changes to what they do and how they do it, one way is by putting motions to test the waters for support, first from fellow councillors and then from the community. At the same time Unley has considered the future of the Gourmet Gala, spent what some people think is a fortune upgrading King William Rd, considered the value of fake grass, and don't mow the verges (our residents do this themselves). We do kill the weeds but with a substance that many residents think should be banned. As for the picture of the Queen, I reckon it was taken shortly after I was born. We're not behaving badly, we're just normal people doing what we were elected to do, taking into consideration residents views and doing our best to retain a contemporary modern city that is in love with its rich heritage.

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