18 March 2020

Letter to the Editor 18/03/2020 Suburb changing

The following letter was printed in the Advertiser this morning the Advertiser. I was very annoyed at the response from Michael Lennon.

Dear Editor, I wish to correct Michael Lennon’s letter published on 12/02/2020. While some of what he says is correct he states quite clearly that  ‘Black Forest will not be adversely treated’. Of the 930 allotments in this suburb and the 4 that have a Housing Diversity Neighbourhood Zone that leaves 926 that will have the minimum allotment size reduced from 350 sq m to 300 sq m in the proposed zoning. While he might think this will not adversely affect the residents they beg to differ. They do not want the greater housing density that this would achieve. They want their zoning to remain unchanged.

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