04 March 2020

Ward Briefing update

Image result for significant tree  UnleyThe following might be of interest:

  • The Goodwood Oval grandstand has now been removed and the eucalyptus (to the north) and cork trees (to the south) have now been protected by Tree Protection Zones
  • We raised to parking issues being experienced in Gray, Hartland, Selkirk and Aroha Aves. These will be considered as part of a broader  parking study. Increased capacity exists in Aroha Tce (between East Ave  and  Foster St) by changing to 60 degree angled parking
  • Funding to commence the Clarence Park LATM issues will be in the 20-21 budget
  • Locations have been suggested for drinking fountains at Page Park and the Dora Guild playground
  • The irrigation system upgrade required for Page Park is included in the 20-21 budget
  • The new compliance officer is inspecting unsightly dwellings and recommending change. There are at least 4 in our ward.
  • East Ave will be further inspecting to ascertain why it is failing.
  • As hockey have been delayed in their move their lease continues on the current site.
  • The Millswood Croquet club clubhouse will be commence soon and further money available in the next budget
  • An inspection of all trees on the Significant Tree Register will be undertaken to ascertain if they are still there, are still significant under the current legislation, are in good health, etc. At a later time we might investigate the addition of trees to this register.
  • Safety gates at Clarence Park station: Don and I will work the local member, Jayne Stinson, to get this moved forward.

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