15 March 2020

Norman Tce revisited

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Another  development (similar height)
Tomorrow Council will debate potential changes to the proposed Development Plan Amendment for Norman Tce. There were a huge number of submissions and people who chose to personally address the Council. Key issues raised were:

  • That 5 storeys is too high
  • Exacerbation of parking and traffic congestion
  • Ross  St and Forth Ave buildings should reflect existing character
  • The area is not suitable as Norman Tce is a local road
  • Increased pressure on existing infrastructure
  • Exacerbation of urban heat heat issues and limited green space
  • Increased annoyance from air conditioners, traffic, rubbish collection and lighting over-spill
  • Potential overshadowing
  • Segregation of elderly people
This has lead to a recommendation to:

  • Reducing the height of the buildings
  • An increase in allotment size for the boundaries
  • An increase in apartment size in the multi =-storey buildings
  • Better design  elements
  • Providing greater garden character
  • Better spacing of buildings
  • Better streetscape to Norman Tce
While these changes will not please everyone they are still open for debate at the City Strategy meeting starting at 6:30 pm on the 16th March. This proposal, or as amended proposal, will be endorsed at the Council meeting on March 23rd.  The e recommendation then must be approved by the state government. Once approved a Development Application will need to be lodged by the owner of the site. This should be in line with what the state government has approved but could vary as long as it was not seen to be seriously at variance to the agreed plan. This application will most likely go to the CAP and not Unley Council's CAP for approval.

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