19 November 2020

South Road upgrade; Black Forest may not get what it wants.


It was good news to hear that the state government had finally made a decision to upgrade the final sections of South Road. The bad news is that the inclusion of a tunnel for part of the distance dos not include Black Forest and Everard Park. This relatively short stretch is most likely to be a lowered roadway.  The access and egress to the roadway seems to be completely unavailable. So what does this mean for these suburbs?

  • The tram bridge will still be able to be used by bikes and pedestrians
  • The lowered roadway will provide some noise mitigation


  • Students from Glandore could be isolated from  Black Forest Primary School
  • There is unlikely to be access to and from South Rd at Cowper,  Dryden, Addison and Forrest Ave thus pushing even local traffic into East and Leah St
  • There may be property acquisitions
  • There will be enormous disruption during completion.

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