15 November 2020

Tree cover may not be as bad as thought

 Please take a look at the  highlights of the latest national benchmark study undertaken by Greener Spaces, Better Places – the authors of the original ‘Where have the trees gone?‘ study in 2013 on tree canopy change across Australia.

The Report launched last night reveals Unley have turned a corner and had a 3% increase in green cover (it includes shrubs and trees). Their results are calculated from an i-tree study which uses 1000 sample points per Council area, providing a direct comparison between 2016 and 2020. While i-tree does not to the level of accuracy of the more recently introduced LiDAR, it is still very promising indication that our efforts are making a difference. It is also a great demonstration of the work the City of Unley has been doing, and we are recognised in the report as “best on ground” for the positive change compared to the other Councils in category 5 (urban/compact/low rainfall).


The Report is called “Where will all the trees be?” and a link to full report is here,

 The difference may well be that this study better calculates the canopy as it includes trees less than 3m in height.





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