11 July 2021

What's happening with the Mike Turtur Bikeway?

The good news is that the government has at last agreed to fund the bikeway to align with the overpass at Goodwood. After announcing that this would happen quite a while ago and acquiring at least one this project is going to be funded. Last week I caught the train at Goodwood and was reminded one again that the underpass tunnel at the station is woefully inadequate, dangerous and unsafe.

While I rarely get comments about the good stuff  that happens when things go wrong it is a different matter. As most people are aware the MTB is being upgraded between Goodwood Rd and KWR.  This upgrade was long overdue and many were looking forward to using it. DIT were to upgrade the path and Council will replace  and maintain the landscaping. 

What could go wrong? 

When preparing the surface the bull dozers were a little over zealous and additional trees need to be removed  (DIT is not required by law to seek the same approvals for removals others would)

The path is taking a very long time to complete.

The  finished work appears to not be flat or even.

Both Rogers and Almond street surface and signage have been damaged. 

Access to the tram stop at Wayville has been difficult and somewhat muddy.

Almond St


  1. before the bikeway closed, Bendall avenue gave commuters southern access to tram stop 2,wayville, but the current build looks decidedly like this will no longer be an option...& another comment: am i the only one who would like to see the bikeway renamed..??...with all due respect, the current name is not user friendly & strongly suggests an inflated ego...

  2. It is my understanding that access should still be available from Bendall St. I have never been part of a discussion to change the name but it is certainly food for thought.