15 March 2011

Budget preparations

Budget documents are now in the Agenda for the Council meeting 28th March and then available for public consultation. It is important that you have your say directly to Administration by attending the public meetings or writing a submission if you are not happy with the proposals, including a rate rise between 5-5.5%. Details of dates later and in the Eastern Courier Messenger. So far for Goodwood South we have in the budget;

  • Footpaths for Lincoln Ave, Oakley St, Chelmsford Av (East to Oakley) and School Ave

  • kerb and water table for Cheltenham St, Churchill Ave, Cranbrook Ave and Cromer Pde

  • Fencing for Page Park

  • Rubber softfall at the Princess Margaret Playground

  • Road reseals for Cheltenham St, Churchill Ave, Cranbrook Ave and Cromer Pde

  • Replacing existing slow points in Mills St

  • Dog poo bag dispenser in Page Park

  • A traffic study for some of the area centreing around Byron Road

  • Money to complete works on Aroha Tce and Norman St.

City wide initiatives include the funding of ;

  • better hard waste collection services

  • The GAP water to Goodwood Oval and Orphanage Park

  • An enhanced graffiti management programme

  • More pocket parks

However, some items that are not in the budget include

  • More money for heritage conservation grants. See http://www.unleyherald.com.au/

  • Signs of the past project to celebrate our rich architectural heritage

  • Further works on Brownhill Creek at Orphanage Park

  • Increased money for footpaths.


  1. how about money for the kerb and water table and footpath in Hammond Street? It's dangerous! Lincoln is a dead end street! Why does that need footpath works? Do Hammond instead!

  2. Re East Avenue. The speed limit is already only 50 km/h. It is a major road and should be 60 km/hr. At times in the middle of the day there is hardly a car in sight and it is difficult to go so slowly. At peak hour you can't go fast because it is so crowded with traffic. You certainly don't need to lower the speed limit, although that is Unley Council's favourite traffic management strategy. Before long we'll have to have someone walking in front of the car waving a flag.

    While it is unfortunate that a car crashed into the shop, it's the first time I have heard of that happening in nearly 50 years in the area. It seems that the council over reacts when an accident happens but does nothing in dangerous spots until an accident does occus.

    Can I also complain once again about Byron Road, Black Forest and the slow points. It is a constant dangerous game of chicken in a road that could easily cope with the traffic previously. I just cannot imagine why the ugly traffic devices were installed in the first place or who wanted them. The speed limit is 40km/hr. I've lost count of how often I've dithered around trying to work out who should go and who should wait at one of the one lane restrictions. There also seem to be more and more cars parked between the slow points and it is crowded and unsightly.