22 March 2011

Messenger article 22nd March 2011

Unley Mayor publicly apologises
22 Mar 11 @ 03:30pm by ALICIA MELVILLE-SMITH
UNLEY Mayor Lachlan Clyne has publicly apologised for breaching his council’s code of conduct.
The apology, made at last night’s committee meeting, follows an investigation by the Local Government Governance Panel which found Mr Clyne had committed a “technical breach” of the council’s code of conduct in an email he sent to elected members.
In the November 2010 email, he stated he needed a deputy mayor he could trust and asked councillors to vote for anyone but Cr Jennie Boisvert.
Mr Clyne told last night’s committee meeting he “did breach the code of conduct and for that I apologise”.
“I really do want to just put this episode behind us,” he said.
Cr Boisvert told the Eastern Courier Messenger after the meeting she was happy the saga had come to an end.
“I have accepted his apology,” Cr Boisvert said.
“He has apologised in public, which is what I asked for. As long as it doesn’t happen again, it’s over.”


  1. Cr Bob Schnell27 March, 2011 17:23

    I'm pleased that this matter has come to an end. The Mayor has apologised and Cr Boisvert is satisfied by the public apology. As a Council we can now move forward without the matter lurking in the background and causing distraction.

  2. Mayor Clyne talks about building bridges. A bridge is only as stable as its foundation and how much thought is put into its construction. I personally, would not like to be insulted the way Councillor Boisvert was and would be very guarded in the future. It will take considerable time and effort to build a bridge over this hurt.

  3. Get on with it. Get over it. Instead of bickering in the chamber spend the time and energy on working on cost savin initiatives within council to free up funds to work on our footpaths!

  4. All people deserve to be able to work in a safe environment that is free from bullying. If the Mayor thought it was OK to treat me in such an appalling manner then he needed to understand that it was damaging not only me but also the working relationship of the entire Council including staff.