22 March 2011

Mayor apologises 21st March 2011

The Mayor publicly apologised last night at the City Strategy meeting to me for breaching the Code of Conduct in that he sort to treat me, and encourage others to, in a manner different from that of other elected members. Lachlan Clyne's behavior was unacceptable to me and the resulting report upheld my view that this type of behavior should not occur between Councillors. The report was leaked to the Eastern Courier, I will upload their report as soon as it is available.

Other interesting items from this meeting included;

  • Continuation of the left and right turn bans in what is known as precinct J (Goodwood Rd, Northgate St, King William Rd and Trevelyan St).

  • McLeay Park upgrade with total separation between dogs and children. While I support the sentiments of the Ward Councillors I believe the precedent that this decision sets may well have repercussions in other parks. We are lucky in Goodwood South to have two playgrounds that are dog free and other parks that are dog friendly, none are very far from each other.

  • Loan approval for $70,000 interest free to the Unley Park lawn Tennis Club. While I am happy to lend them money I would prefer for a interest charge to be added to the loan as we will have to borrow money to service this debt.

  • An increase in funds for the Hard Rubbish collection but still a reduction in service so that each property would only be able to book one collection each year. Currently over 700 homes book two collections but only 3,676 properties will avail themselves of the service. The actual cost is about $55 per collection. Council will still be vigilant in removing illegally dumped rubbish.

Council have organised for Community meetings to discuss the effects of the Greater Adelaide 30 year Plan on the City of Unley. While high rise on the corridors will not effect Goodwood South the infill development will. So have your say at any of the following meetings. This is an imposition from the State government and Council wants to hear the view from as many residents as possible;

You are invited to come along to any of the below information sessions -

Tuesday, 22 March - 1.30pm at the Goodwood Community Centre

Tuesday, 22 March - 7pm at the Unley Town Hall

Wednesday, 23 March - 7pm at the Unley Citizen Centre

Thursday, 24 March - 9.30am at the Town Hall


  1. Keep up the good work and stay true to the goals of your constituents.

  2. Andrea of Unley28 March, 2011 18:46

    Now that the Unley Park Lawn Tennis Club is seeking an interest free loan, I suppose council will be obliged to also give one to the Sturt Football Club.