21 August 2011

Full Council meeting August 22nd 2011

No items were reserved out for further discussion at the Full Council meeting. This means that all decisions made at committee level will stand and be acted upon by staff. Don and I have requested a site meeting with staff to ascertain ways that the entry and exit from both George St and Mills St to East Avenue can be achieved. Suggestions and observations of other similar corners would suggest that reducing on street parking near the corners and painting Keep Clear signs on the roadway in East Avenue would alleviate some of the problems occurring at these corners. It is likely that Council will proceed to install speed pillows in Leah St, which may well deter many drivers from using East Avenue and keep them on South Rd. However, it may also mean that more drivers are looking for shortcuts, one of these would have been Kelvin Ave.
Items to be debated are;

  • Eastern Region Alliance; it is hoped that by establishing an Alliance group for Burnside, Campbelltown, Norwood, Prospect, Tea Tree Gully, Unley and Walkerville that the Alliance will achieve greater influence when Federal funds are being allocated and more monies will be available for large projects.

  • Outdoor Dining-Provision for discounted rates for non-smoking areas; This is my initiative and if will allow restaurants and cafes to reduce their costs and and to provide smoke free outdoor dining areas if they choose to. There are no losers in this debate and potentially a lot of winners. Outdoor dining area can remain the domain of smokers if each individual restaurant or cafe wants them to. However, I would like to see smoking areas on the footpath reduced especially on the main street alignment. The highest fee for footpath dining is currently $1.65 per square metre per week, this would be reduced to 80 cents.

  • Inner Metro Ring Structure Plan; Council is now supporting this plan with the modifications that the state government have been prepared to make. Most now fits the proposed Development Plans. No area in Goodwood South is within this plan.

There are 3 Motions on Notice

  • Rufus Salaman wants some modifications to the new entrance to Culvert St, I will support his view as he has worked tirelessly with residents and staff to seek a simple solution that is in the best interests of all stakeholders. The decision on this was to deferred to the next Council meeting

  • John Koumi wants a some extra detail in the Agenda that we receive, this was supported.

  • I am seeking the support of Council for a Deputy Mayor to be elected. I will be supporting Anthony Lapidge for this position, at this time I have had no negative feedback from my fellow Councillors. As this what the Mayor has stated publicly that he wants (June Mayor's Report)I see no reason why it will not be supported. (see separate blog)

The Agenda can be found at;



  1. This is different to Don's blog as he has stated '...I am expecting, in fairness to all who are interested in this project (whether for or against), that this will be deferred for further consideration at the next City Strategy Meeting, due for 19th September'. Who is correct??

  2. The Kelvin Ave decision was deferred to the City Strategy meeting on the 19th Sept for discussion and also to the Full Council on the 26th September.