01 August 2011

Update August 2011

I noticed that this has been finished on the corner of Grantley Eve and Goodwood Rd, it looks great and should deter graffiti. A development application had to be lodged with Council and the owners got the go ahead last week.

I attended the Centenary dinner for the Goodwood Saints last weekend, it was well attended and well organised. it was good to see the level of commitment from local people and past and present players and their families.

I also attended the Clarence Park Community Centre July meeting. It is in good financial shape judging from the preliminary end of year figures. for those who are interested the AGM will be on September 28th at 4pm at CPCC. The new partnering agreement with the Council is ready to sign.

This month the following should be of interest;

  • Railway electrification; It seems that this is behind schedule and consultation due for July is now more likely to occur in September. DTEI have undertaken to publicly notify and to call a meeting of concerned and interested residents. Thanks to a concerned resident for this information.

  • Buildings and fences along East Avenue were attacked with graffiti several times during the school holidays. This has now been painted out. If you notice graffiti please let me know and I will ensure it is painted out quickly.

  • Page Park; the new toilet block seems to be missing, I'm sure it will be installed shortly. The dog poo bag dispenser should also be installed in the near future. Adding play equipment in the park will be considered in the 2012/13 budget.

  • Merlon Avenue has come in for some criticism recently. The footpaths have been all but ruined by building works and the trees are in a pretty poor state. Discussion has commenced with staff to see if some of the necessary repairs can be completed this year with in the existing budget.

  • Repairs have commenced on Kylie's Bakery. As soon as they are completed the barricades will be removed from the corner.

  • I'm trying to get a time for the commencement of the small pocket park that is to be completed in Spiers St, this will not involve a road closure.

  • The left had turn bans to Laught St and Dunrobin St will be removed on East Avenue. 60 of the 62 forms returned supported this initiative. This is the highest response rate ever received by Council and probably the most consistent.

  • the Aroha Tce consultation wasn't as consistent, it would seem the the outcome will be 2 hour parking on the southern side and no time limits in the parking bays. The extra parking bays will also be commenced shortly. Norman Tce will be bitumenised in the near future as well.

  • The report into smoke free footpaths will be presented to the next City Strategy meeting. This will give coffee shops and restaurants the opportunity to save money and discourage smoking on the footpaths where there is outdoor dining. They will be encouraged to make the main street frontage no smoking. There are no losers in this as they can continue to do what they have always done at the same price or they can try something different, spend less money and allow for a more pleasant outdoor dining experience for those who don't smoke (now 80% of the population). There will still be places for those who wish to smoke if they wish.

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