30 August 2011

Footways Asset Management Plan 30th August 2011

This plan was presented to the Audit Committee tonight. It gives a comprehensive answer to the motion put by me in February 2011 asking for acceleration of the footpath replacement plan. This outlines how Council can achieve a target of all bitumen footpaths being replaced by 2018/19, only 8 years. This is much better than the currently proposed 23 years with a completion by 2034. This is being debated by the Audit Committee, it will then be work shopped by elected members before it proceeds to Council for endorsement. This makes interesting reading if you have the time and your feedback would be valued. I know some will be disappointed, what this report doesn't tell us is when it would be expected that your street will be done; this would follow this report. I will pursue if further acceleration is possible through the work shop process.


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