02 September 2011

September 2011 Update

This month has been busy for me so there is plenty to report. I am putting out a newsletter this week, for people who regularly read the blog you might find little new, for others there will be lots of interesting things to catch up on.

  • GAP water; Purple pipes are currently being laid between Goodwood Oval and Orphanage Park, this may have caused some disruption for people. The water will allow for watering of both areas in the summer without any use restrictions.

  • http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=773&c=19071
    Commercial Fitness training on Council land. This policy is currently being consulted. If you wish to have your say check out the link above. Council are intending to charge commercial fitness operators to pay a small fee to use Council land.

  • Cross Road footpaths; The footpaths west of East Ave, although paved are in a pretty bad shape and will be repaired in the near future.

  • CEO recruitment; a list of shortlisted candidates will be presented to Council at a Special meeting on Monday 5th Sept. Interviews will take place over the next couple of weeks.

  • Entry and exit from Mills St and George St to East Avenue; KEEP CLEAR signs will be painted on East Avenue in the near future and better line marking on the approaches to the street. This should allow safer movements into and out of the streets.

  • DAP3 almost completed;The final outcomes for this project will be presented to Council this month. It will still need state government approval and public consultation. This is likely to enable 3-10 storey developments on Greenhill Rd and 5 storey development on Unley Rd as far south as the shopping centre.

  • Fairfax Ave and Graham Ave; There is some concern about parking on Fairfax St, I have asked staff to call a resident meeting, this should happen in early October.

  • Graffiti; This remains an issue, please let me know where it has occured and I'll get staff to paint it out quickly.

  • Kylies shop;The barricades have been removed and both pedestrian and car movements are back to normal.

  • Saplings in Brownhill Creek; These will soon be removed in Orphanage Park. Permission to remove the saplings had to be gained from the heritage branch before work could begin.

  • Merlon St; Council staff have agreed that the southern footpath should be repaired and the northern footpath replaced as soon as practicable and funds allowed. New street trees will also be planted.

  • Neighbourhood Watch; the next meeting is at the House Next Door at CPCC, the guest speaker will speak on crime prevention and cyber bullying This is at 7pm on September 27th.

  • Page Park Toilet; this is now due for installation in November.

  • Significant tree replacement register; This will be set up so that trees planted as a direct result of planning approval to remove a significant tree from a property can be monitored and protected into the future. The DAP is increasingly conditioning the removal of trees with the requirement to replace and nurture a new tree on the same site.

  • Kelvin Ave; there is no new news on this, I will upload into my blog new plans when they become available.

  • Footpath replacement acceleration; please read separate blog. I would love some comments on this one. Do the benefits out weigh the costs? The cost being an extra 2% rate rise in the initial year of acceleration. However, there are significant savings in reduced repair costs.


  1. Great news about the significant tree register for the replacement of trees! A wonderful initiative! Great work!

  2. This register is an excellent idea but will there be anyone to make sure that these trees are replanted or will it just be another bit of paper work or data base?

  3. This is one of council's best initiatives so far this year Jennie. I hope the existence of this register will not be taken as an opportunity for people to cut trees down on the "proviso" that they will plant another one. DAP must remain very vigilant against this happening.

  4. Andrea and Peter03 September, 2011 08:40

    We whole heartedly agree with Amy. More accountability and transparency is the way to go. Will this be a public record and available to the community via Council's website?

  5. I am working closely with Paul Weymouth, head of planning at Unley, to ensure that the paperwok never gets lost.