16 September 2011

Kelvin Ave Update for debate 19th Sept.

The new report is now on the web as Item 60 for discussion at the City Strategy meeting Monday 19th September. You can find the full report at;


I intend to move a motion that will support the two way driveway link as described in Attachment 6 (at the back of the report).


At this point in time I believe that this option delivers what residents have requested, both a safe exit and entry point to Clarence Park from East Ave and a pocket park. It would require a further round of consultation with local stake holders, with a wider consultation area than previously used (East of Frederick St) and still have to be formally approved by Council after this has been completed. My motion will read as follows;

1.Kelvin Avenue between Frederick Street and East Avenue not be closed to through traffic

2.A revised design be prepared for Kelvin Avenue that includes a driveway link to maintain two-way vehicle access between East Avenue and Frederick Street with the remaining area not required for vehicle and pedestrian access to be landscaped
3.Community consultation be undertaken on the revised design and the outcome of the community consultation be reported to Council at its meeting on 12 December 2011.
4.The area of consultation to include all residents and businesses previously consulted and in addition, the residents of Culley Street, Francis Street between Frederick Street and Churchill Avenue, George Street between East Avenue and Churchill Avenue, William Street between Mills Street and George Street."

Your comments are most welcome.

I encourage all of you to post comments on this proposal.


  1. I think that it will not be a real pocket park, instead just a street beautification at huge cost, approximately $120,000. I would prefer the money to b spent elsewhere like on fixing my footpath!

  2. The possibilty of getting the footpaths completed over the next 8 years has moved one step forward with a report already being debated by the Audit Committee.
    Money not spent on the pocket park will be spent on a pocket park somehere else, so savings gained by not going ahead will not be able to be spent in Goodwwod South. Yes, this is street beautification and with over 460m of park it will be larger than most pocket parks already constructed.

  3. $120,000 is not insignificant and definitely not to be spent on this absurd idea which is now completely removed from the original absurd concept for Kelvin Avenue.

  4. From the comments and emails I have received from people there would seem to be general agreement that 2 way access through the area meets most peoples's needs. To be able to provide a large area of open space as well as street beatification and a disincentive for drivers looking to drive too fast or use Kelvin Ave as a short cut should be seen as still beneficial, especially for the majority of people who live in Frederick streeet that wanted the park. While $120,00 is a lot of money the difference between this amount and the amount already budgeted for is relatively small. The improved amenity should be worth the expense.

  5. Jennie the original cost was $50k it is now $118k. Can you please advise where I can source the information that supports that 'the majority of people in Frederick Street want the park.'

  6. The most recent information from staff is that the 2 way driveway link can be constructed for $86,000. This is similar to original budget estimates. The information regarding Frederick street is indicative of the feedback that Council received from residents, initially at a public meeting and then through 2 consultation phases. It is also supported from the many emails I have received from residents in the street and the feedback for the door knocking that my Co-Councillor did in Frederick St.