17 September 2011

City Strategy meeting 19th Sept 2011

The full Agenda can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/CSP_Agenda_Sept_2011.pdf
I encourage you to read the full report on anything that is of interest to you.

  • Kelvin Ave pocket park- I was not allowed to put my motion as it contravened the rules of debate. However, as no one still supported the original motion I moved for the matter to be debated at the full Council meeting. I can then foreshadow my motion and, hopefully, it will gain the support of the majority of Councillors. There are links to the new proposed plan in the next blog.

  • Animal Management Plan- This is a detailed Plan that has been widely consulted and is to be endorsed. This was endorsed. Debate centred around consultation about further control of cats and around what dog parks are and where they should not be located (Orphanage Park)

  • State Heritage Listing of Brownhill Creek- the recommendation for this is to add the lining stones to the local register of heritage items and to include the listing on the heritage DPA that is presently on the Minister's desk waiting approval. If successful this would protect the stone linings into the future as a Local Heritage item. Council could not find evidence to support State heritage listing.

  • Review of the Open Space Recreation Policy; this largely endorses the current policy, however, it does note that increasing population density as required by the government will continue to add pressure onto our open space area. This was endorsed.

  • Code of Practice Meeting Procedures; this seeks to tidy up a few areas that needed greater clarity. This matter was debated for quite a while with debate mostly around whether one Councillor should be able to seek clarification of a matter being debated from another Councillor. I was more interested in the rules around who can make deputations and when they should be allowed.

  • Development Plan Amendments- where are they now?
DPA2; Residential character and regeneration areas- The final draft will be reported to Council in Oct/Nov.
DPA3; Main road Corridors- this is now concentrated on Unley Rd and Greenhill Rd- a full report on this will be presented to this month's Council meeting before submission to the Minister.
Local heritage DPA; This is on the Minister's desk, but will have Brownhill Creek added to it before final approval.

  • Waste Management and Disposal Services; Council is seeking to award new contract for this service. (details are confidential).

  • Proposed Sale of 39 and 41 Oxford Tce.(details are confidential)

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