24 September 2011

Full Council meeting Sept 26th 2011

The Agenda for the 26th was quite full, some items reserved for further discussion from other committees and plenty of other items; They include

  • Further discussion about Kelvin Ave: I moved the motion that I intended to move at the committee to allow for a two way driveway link. This should meets the needs of everybody that wrote to the Council and all petitioners, it allows for an increased green space for water capture and trees as well access both from and to East Ave. Further consultation will follow this proposal to a larger area.

  • Further discussion about Culvert St Unley: Crs Salaman and Hudson wished Council to consider reversing the recent traffic flow changes that caused Culvert St to be made one way at it's junction with Unley Rd. The cost of reversal is, in my opinion, prohibitive at nearly $200,000. As this measure would only be temporary until the state government were prepared to pay some money toward a Pedestrian Activated Crossing at the same location I do not believe it warrants support. However, given the improved amenity of having the new walk lights on Goodwood Rd I would give consideration to Council making a greater monetary commitment to getting these installed. this motion lost.

  • Footways Asset Management Plan : This report was presented to the Audit Committee. I reserved this out as I wished to draw the attention of all Councillors to the report. The staff have produced an excellent report that would enable, if adopted, all the footpaths to be paved by 2019. The report also recognises that the footpaths on the main roads also need replacing, this would occur after the footpaths were completed on all streets. The savings to this, yes savings and not additional cost, are well over $6 million dollars. The savings are achieved by the reduced necessity for footpath repair and savings identified on how Council currently maintains the footpaths. The link is ; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Item_30_Audit_August_2011.pdf

  • Keswick and Brownhill Ck Draft Stormwater Management Plan for Community Consultation; the final cost of this to Unley is likely to be $14 million. For Goodwood South the only streets that will see works are Arundel and Cranbrook. However, the total works will reduce the flood risk in all our suburbs substantially.

  • Rail Freight Advisory Group; This will be set up with Cr Saies and Cr Sangster being the Council representatives, 3 members of the community have also been selected after applying to be on the committee.

  • DPA3; Final changes have been made to this, it is ready to be presented to the Minister for endorsement and the consultation. If endorsed this will give approval for buildings to be built on Unley Rd to 5 storeys and Greenhill Rd between 7 and 10 storeys.

  • Development Assessment Panel Annual Report; this gives information about approvals and refusals of development applications and also the outcomes achieved from appeals to the ERD court.

We also debated in confidence the remuneration package for the new CEO. The report on this is in this weeks Eastern Courier. The new CEO will be Peter Tsokas who is currently employed by Unley as a General Manager. The proposed sale of 39 and 41 Oxford Tce was also discussed but remains in confidence.

We also discussed and passed motions from Cr Koumi to increase the size of a small park in Parkside and to investigate further possibilities for Development Planning Amendments regarding the use of lane ways.

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