14 September 2011

Smoking on footpaths

Seems this has got an interesting reaction from Cafe owners on King William Rd. I for one will be looking to find a smoke free environment in which to enjoy my regular coffee after work. I will take the time over the next couple of weeks to chat to those interviewed and others on the strip to consider that they may attract more customers by taking up the option than they have the potential to lose. The following is from this week's Eastern Courier.
Ban's slow start
AN INCENTIVE for cafes to have non-smoking outdoor areas, proposed by Unley Council, has received a mixed response from cafe owners and patrons. Following the council's push in January to ban smoking in parks, the council last month announced cafe owners would get a
50 per cent reduction on their outdoor dining fees if they chose to introduce nonsmoking outside.
There are 12 cafes in the Unley area eligible to receive the outdoor dining rate reduction,with the average outdoor licensing fee being about $1000 annually. Cafe owners and patrons contacted by the Eastern Courier Messenger were divided on the plan. Cafe Kibbi's manager Alessandro Fadda said his Hyde Park business would not apply for the discount. "A lot of my regulars here are smokers so if I brought it in it would turn a lot of my customers away," he said. "A 50 per cent cut on our outdoor rates is not that much in the scheme of things. Cafe Luna Rosso manager David Milky said, if given
the choice, he wouldn't introduce smoking bans. Nonsmoker Ros Davies, who works at Dulwich and regularly goes to cafes in the east, said he would be "thrilled to see that ban come in".
"Wherever food is served... smoking should be banned." But Unley worker and
smoker Joe Ercegovic was against the idea. "This will only lead to groups of smokers huddling
around in packs on the boundaries of cafes," he said. Earlier this month, Unley Council sent letters to cafe owners advising them of the incentive scheme.


  1. Jennie I will enjoy finding you at a smoke free table and joining you for a coffee

  2. Interesting to note, I had coffee at Luna Rosso this afternoon. This cafe has smoke free outdoor dining at the rear of the premises, so while saying he wouldn't support smoking bans on the footpath Mr Milky already supports smoke free dining at the majority of his outdoor tables. Well done, and one step further would make King William Road closer to being smoke free.

  3. Silent sufferer no longer21 September, 2011 19:43

    I will not be having coffee at Kibbi's again. I have tolerated the outdoor smoke for so long. It is now obvious that the owner does not value my custom. My friends and I will find another more friendly place.

  4. Hi William, I think you may see pink pigs flying along King William Road before you find a smoke free table.
    Come on council, you have given people an incentive to do it on a voluntary basis and they have not responded. How about enforcing smoke free areas so Jennie and William can enjoy a cup of coffee together.
    I think I will give Mr Milky a go!