24 September 2011

Pocket Park can be constructed for less

The most recent information from staff is that the 2 way driveway link can be constructed for $86,000. This is similar to the amount originally budgeted for this park. I am still waiting for information from staff as to the open space provided in pocket parks already constructed to compare with the 460m that this proposal will provide.
If we were to return to the road closure the estimate for this is now $76,000 and some of the costs could be offset with grant money.


  1. I think the 2 way design sounds great. A nice landscaped small street that currently is dull and boring. It has potential to look fantastic. Well done Jennie on your effort to put this to Councl. I can't see that there will be much objection.

  2. Ruth
    I agree with you.
    I look forward to this narrowed 2 way landscaped street.
    The boardwalks are a great way to keep the feet off the delicate understory of grown covers.
    I support this Jennie.
    Well done.