28 September 2011

How to track a Development Application

So often I am asked to assist a resident in trying to find out more about what their neighbours are building or planning to build. Sometimes this question is out of curiosity and at others the development is right next door and they have genuine concerns.
Each Development Application lodged with Council is categorised as;
Cat 1; no notification required
Cat 2; next door neighbours only with a specific time in which to lodge a representation
Cat 3; everybody can make a representation as the development is non-complying.
To find out whats happening you need to log onto the Council website, click on Development and then onto Development application enquiries. Then click List of Development Applications or Developments on Notice, next, if you know the exact address type this into the proforma. Then press the search button, a list of all recent development applications will come up for the address you typed in. Details of each can be found by clicking on each application number. If you don't know the exact house number you can you the advanced search function.
If you need to see the plans for developments on notice you can view these at the Council or library during office hours. If you want to talk to a planner after viewing the details it is easier if you make an appointment to see a planner.
Hope this is useful information?

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