01 October 2011

October update 2011

Lincoln Ave; what a difference a year makes.The newly paved footpath
looks pretty good now after being the worst footpath in Goodwood South for some time

This is what I mean when I describe footpaths as being a trip hazard, this one is Cross Rds but residents in East Ave will also note that the western footpath has also had the trip hazards marked ready for repair between Aroha Tce and Dunrobin St.

The poplars have been removed from Brownhill Creek in a property south of Cranbrook Ave, this also has taken a very long time to get done as negotiations had to take place with the Natural Resource Management Board. They agreed to pay for the works and undertook the work themselves.

Dogs off leash. I have had several requests from people about dogs being off leash in both Orphanage Park ans Goodwood Oval. Dogs should be on leash at all times unless the signs say otherwise, in both areas dogs are allowed off leash when sport is not being played on the oval areas only. As well dogs should be at least 3 metres from a playground. The vast number of people do the right and I thank them for that.

Dog poo bag dispenser in Page Park has at last been installed. There have been ongoing discussions and it is in place at last. The toilets are, however, still missing and will be installed soon.

Rail electrification; it seems this project is now even further behind schedule and that plans and consultation with residents are unlikely to occur before 2012.

Aroha Tce should see a disabled parking bay near the tram stop.

Fairfax St will have a meeting of residents on November 5th, the time is yet to be arranged but residents will be letter boxed with information. Several residents have requested the meeting to discuss parking and other issues.

Letters have been sent to all cafes with outdoor dining offering reduced fees to take up this initiative. Hopefully many will choose this option to save money and provide a better amenity for their customers.

Byron Rd residents will be letter boxed about having a white line in the centre of the road to encourage drivers to be more careful and to stop the practice of driving down the middle. If this is successful the same treatment will be used in Wood St.

What happens when footpaths are destroyed by development?

Take a look at Aroha Tce near the new homes and you will see the new footpath all but destroyed. Council photographs the footpath and other infrastructure prior to building commencement and then send the bill to the developer for the damage when finished. Since Council have been doing this the compliance rate has been much higher.

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  1. Seems there are some problems with the distance the path is from the fence line of the properties in Lincoln Ave. I am seeking some clarifiaction on this one from staff.