14 October 2011

City Strategy meeting 17th October

This month's Agenda asked for decisions to be recommended about;
The full Agenda can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/CSP_Agenda_Oct_2011.pdf

  • Residential parking Permits and Exceptions; this report examines the cost of providing parking remits and exemptions to residents when they have either no parking of insufficient parking on their own property and exemptions to park longer in timed parking zones. There are very few of these in Goodwood South. No decision was made and it will be discussed again at the Council meeting.

  • Access for All Action Plan; the final endorsement following Community consultation was required. The greatest concerns raised in consultation were; access to Council buildings ans surrounding infrastructure, keeping footpaths clear of obstructions, maintenance of footpaths, safe use of mobility devices and use of assistive technology.

  • Unley Libraries Draft Strategy; this is the second time this has been up, last time the policy was not endorsed as it had some errors in it. It was recommended and endorsed that it now go to Community consultation.

  • Graffiti Management Programme; Council receives 15-20 requests each week regarding graffiti removal. Offensive material is removed with in 24 hours and other graffiti in 3-5 days. The current annual cost is now $73,000 for this service. This report advocated for the training a team of volunteers to look after particular areas. this was supported.

  • Nature Strips; Currently when a footpath is repaved the resident is asked if they would like dolomite or loam in the nature strip. The Council wishes to encourage the choice of loam and the greening of more footpaths and streets. Cr Koumi also asked for a further report and cost of providing loam and landscaping for each new nature strip created when new paving is laid, this was also supported.

  • Green Street Lighting Energy; The LGA has negotiated a new agreement with the Trans Tasman Energy Group to negotiate tariffs and service levels with 66 participating Councils The purchase of green energy for street lighting will save the City $27,000 over the next 3 years as 20% of street lighting is provided by green energy.

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