07 October 2011

Deputy CEO Resigns

Christine Umapathysivamhas resigned, to take effect October 28th. She has been offered a position in the local Government Association. While her slkills will be missed at Unley , these same skills will be very valuable in her new role. I wish her well in her new position. This will leave two General Manager's positions vacant when Peter Tsokas takes on the role of CEO in November. This will give him an opportunity to restructure the organization, if he wishes, and to select new people with the skills and interests that match his vision for the City of Unley.


  1. This departure will be opportunity to have an overdue shakeup in the upper level of management at Unley.

  2. A new CEO is always good for an organisation to flush out any dead wood.
    Unley rejuvenation has started.
    Change the culture at the top and it should percolate through the entire workforce.