06 October 2011

Boardwalk, CanterburyTce

There have been a couple of complaints from residents about the compliance of the boardwalk with Disability Discrimination Act compliance. I met on site today (6.10.11) with Don and with staff to discuss the issues and possible solutions. None of the solutions will involve the removal of the trees but rather ways to conserve them and to allow safe access to the footpaths. Ideas suggested include, paving the footpath on the south between the boardwalk and the Princess Margaret Playground, reducing the slope of the ramps, easier access across Canterbury Tce, removing the bitumen on the footpath between the boardwalk and East Ave and replacing with mulch and/or landscaping. When the staff have had time to consider the variety of options homes nearby will be letter boxed and signs put on the gates to the railway line with the time for a public meeting so that the ideas can be discussed and a way forward mapped. Yor comments will help to inform this process at any time.

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