09 October 2011

Avtivity in Goodwood South 8/10/2011

The new entry sign to Goowood has been installed and is waiting for it's finishing touches. Sadly it was graffitied almost immediately, this has now been removed.

Spiers St has had the footpath removed on the western side ready to narrow the street to allow for vegetation to be planted on the western side and more water retention for the street trees. The footpath on the eastern side will also be paved, it has been dirt for as long as I can remember, so this is well overdue.


  1. Did anyone even review the design of these new GOODWOOD entry signs. The colour chose and the font of Goodwood makes it so very hard to read. I live around the corner and it took me several passes to read what it was saying. Even looking at the picture in this blog post it is still hard to read.

  2. I believe this will be lit at night which may improve how it looks. Decisions as to colour, etc had little input from Councillors.