11 September 2011

Traffic Data Report

You should find the report to the Road Safety Committee particularly interesting, there has been data collected in Goodwood South. For detailed data please go straight to the report;


Black Forest
Aroha Terrace recorded traffic speeds that were lower than those in 2010 although traffic volumes are similar. However, the 85% speed and the percentage of vehicles exceeding the speed limit are sufficiently high to warrant SA Police attendance and the information was forwarded to the Police on 26 May.
In Byron Road, the number of vehicles recorded was lower than that recorded in 2009, possibly due to the completion of the South Road Tram Overpass and the Gallipoli Underpass. However, both the 85% speed and the percentage of vehicles exceeding the speed limit remains at the same level as recorded in the earlier data and therefore this information has been referred to SA Police for attention.

Clarence Park
Data was collected from five streets in this suburb. There was no significant change in traffic volume in any of the streets. There was a reduction of 3.6km/h in the 85% speed recorded in the Churchill Avenue, compared with the last set of data taken in 2009. By contrast, the speed in the section of Francis Street between William and Hammond Streets increased by 2.9km/h since 2009.
There have been no changes to the traffic conditions in these streets since the earlier traffic data was collected so it is not possible to attribute the variation in 85% speed to any particular factor.

Of the six streets in this suburb in which traffic data was collected, only Allenby Avenue recorded an increase in the 85% speed of 2.6km/h. The speed remains below the point where SA Police involvement is deemed necessary. In three of the other streets, the speed was lower while there was virtually no change in the remaining two streets.

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